The main descuento characters of the multas film, Anna and mercancia Dan, get in multas a plus fantastic whirl of events in one easily recognizable city.
Petersburg, which significantly reduce the cost of production.
Dan a street musician, a loser, living memories of the times of their youth.There will also be special screenings restaurant organized in film clubs.But «child», who lives in Anna helps her maintain itself and infect their inspiration of others.On a request for journalists can be arranged interviews with the cast and crew.His descuento way its rocker «dream with blood the boys dream of perestroika, sounding voices from descuentos backyards and Choi Shevchuk Bashlacheva and Letova He was already forty, and he sears was still with the guitar behind his back, in worn sneakers play in their transitions hysterical song.13:56:58 bayarin, tV, dVD.An important part of the movie musical numbers are Dan Diaghilev, Anna Ivaniv, groups Pozor Machine and Trixter.A brief synopsis sams of the film.All of the major participants in the project are working for free.Follow the news : m / filmdreams.For the sake of dreams and dreamers!

We are looking for PR- managers, journalists, bloggers who want to descuentos help us in organizing and algo creating an interesting campaign, and holding a descuentos movie hits on condition of como gratuitous (but mutual ) cooperation.
Sincerely, Executive Producer descuentos of the algo film » dreams como ».
Premiere held on October.00 in the cinema dAngleterre, Malaya Morskaya banorte Street.,.
This is a great chance for you to try to force in the promotion of an interesting project, we are ready to take any of your suggestions and ideas that we can together bring to life!
We believe that the cinema has been paypal and remains a form of art and the viewer should be able to free and unimpeded access.Learn October 1, 2013!In the film attended Juozas Budrajtis, Alexander Bashirov and Igor Sklar, and a group of great actors from the Little Drama Theatre.With all calcular the positive qualities of the feature film, the films paypal budget was only 12,000.After a long descuentos silence, the legendary film company » Deboshir Film Studio founded by descuentos famous Russian actor and director Alexander Bashirov, descuentos introduces a new feature-length movie musical non-profit» dreams «.» dreams » a musical tragicomedy, which is based on stories of different generations of dreamers.

Dreams a non-profit project based on the positano principle of «free copyright which means that it will be freely distributed on the Internet.
The entire creative team of » dreams including artists, working for free.